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Carmen Elastane

Carmen Elastane

A dressy shoe with a secret! There’s more to this dressy shoe than meets the eye! The decorative button disguises a touch-fastening strap that peels back to expose a gusset. The gusset gently stretches to accommodate swollen feet, giving you greater comfort and a better fit. The front of the shoe is made from soft, stretchy Elastane that won’t put pressure on swelling or painful toes. Available in Leather

• Elastane upper stretches to fit swelling & problem toes
• Semi-wedge heel is stylish & supportive
• Deep toe area will fit a very swollen foot
• Fabric-lined for slipper-soft comfort Extra-lightweight, durable sole
• Seam-free toe for extra comfort Cushioned footbed is removable for extra depth


This stretchy court shoe won’t put pressure on swelling or sore toes

£62.50 Ex. VAT
£75.00 Inc. VAT