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Empulse R20


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Empulse R20

The highly reliable powerful motor is easy to use with a one-push-to-go control, helping assist in every situation whether on hills, ramps, uneven surfaces or on long trips. It features an easy to grip two peg design for quick and simple mount and dismount without the need of any tools. The powerpack's unique design means it folds easily with the wheelchair meaning you no longer have to disconnect and reconnect each time, making the Sunrise Empulse R20 ideal for storing and transport. The battery can be disconnected and transported separately if required. Fitted with a clear, easy to read display showing the speed and battery gauges, the R20 features a height adjustable handle allowing you to achieve a comfortable position when operating the device. The powerful 250w brushless motors can travel up to 9 miles on a full battery charge with a maximum speed of up to 3 mph and has the ability to climb 50mm kerbs and 10 degree slopes. We will fit this product to your wheelchair.


Sunrise Empulse R20 Folding Powerpack This Sunrise Empulse R20 Folding Powerpack simply turns most manual wheelchairs into a powered attendant wheelchair, greatly assisting the attendant pushing the wheelchair. The ultra-lightweight design (total weight of 4.5kg including the 1.4kg Lithium-ion battery) has little impact on self-propelling wheelchairs and is compatible with most wheelchairs with a tube diameter of 22mm - 32mm.

£1,400.00 Ex. VAT
£1,680.00 Inc. VAT

(Eligible for VAT Relief)