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Readi Disposable Bed Pads - 60cm x 60cm


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Readi Disposable Bed Pads - 60cm x 60cm

They are designed to be used during the night in the place of, or inconjunction with, a body worn product. These Disposable Bed Protectors can also be used in conjunction with a body worn incontinence pad or pant to provide that little extra security for the user. Bed pads are placed on top of the bottom sheet and under the user's waist and thighs. These Disposable Bed Protectors are embossed to aid quick absorption, while their "wicking" provides an excellent diffusion of liquid throughout the protector. This ensures maximum protection for bed and keeps the user comfortable for longer periods of time. These Disposable Bed Protectors also feature a waterproof backing to ensure total leakage protection.


Disposable Bed Protectors are 60cm x 60cm (23.5" x 23.5") in size, with a maximum absorbency capacity of 950ml (32 fl oz).

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£8.42 Inc. VAT

(Eligible for VAT Relief)